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Arts & Worship Leadership for Young Liberians

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ANAM’s Youth Choir

ANAM’s Youth Choir

Hope, Comfort, Inspiration Through Music

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Programs For Ages 4 -12

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Samson Tarpeh

ANAM Executive Director


The Agape National Academy of Music

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Welcome to the Agape National Academy of Music (ANAM)

ANAM is a Christian organization based in Monrovia, Liberia. ANAM provides Liberian children opportunities to be successful through music and the arts. It provides training and leadership in “church worship and arts leadership,” to young Liberians who would become leaders in their local church worship programs, and powerful evangelists declaring the Gospel of Christ in Liberia.  



·      Brings healing, peace, educational enhancement and spiritual development to the children of Liberia

·      Provides training in worship and arts leadership to young Liberians

·      Nurtures young Liberian pianists, provide them a platform to learn and grow professionally

·      Is accredited by the Ministry of Education and incorporated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Liberia.

·      Is a 501(c)(3) organization, affiliated with the Artist in Christian Testimonies International (A. C. T. Intl), in Brentwood, Tennessee, United States.

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About ANAM

Since 2008, ANAM has helped more than 100 Liberian children access music and other arts-related programs

Mission & Vision

The mission of ANAM is to make music and other arts related programs accessible to Liberian children and youth through quality instructions

Programs & Services

ANAM offers programs that meet the needs of Monrovia, and its surroundings. These programs include: individual music lessons, instructions in general music, and music lessons for children.


ANAM is supported primarily by donors who understand the important role of music and the arts in building a healthier and vibrant community, and want to invest in its future.

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ANAM primarily serves underprivileged children in Liberia, local Christian congregations, and musicians who seek coherence and excellence in music and the arts.